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Coaching Leaders


What Is Coaching?

Through coaching, individuals and teams begin to realise their true potential and capacity to drive transformational change.  Working within our core values of identity, purpose and belonging, we create a safe, collaborative and productive space where, together, we can challenge perceptions, promote awareness, support change and dream about new possibilities.


What Can You Expect in A Coaching Session?

An initial meeting will explore your professional and personal context, identify potential goals and clarify intended outcomes.  This may include a range of diagnostic tools to deepen our awareness of the skills, behaviours and  relationships that may support those outcomes. Subsequent coaching sessions might over an extended period (normally 6 to 12 months) will enable you to clarify what change looks like, encourage and support you to implement those changes and review the transformational impact.


The Importance of Feedback?

Each meeting will be followed up by a short summary of key points, intended goals and possible outcomes. There will also be the opportunity to ‘touch base’ between meetings in order to give feedback on progress towards the agreed goals.


Feedback at each session will be crucial to ensure best positive outcomes for yourself and inform future coaching approaches. At a mid-point review, we will evaluate progress and ensure that the contracted arrangements are still appropriate. After the final session, you will also receive a summary document that outlines achievements and ongoing goals to help you to continue with the change process. I will also ask you to complete a feedback proforma.

Assurance of Quality and Ethical Standards

We adhere to a Global Code of Ethics as well as a Diversity and Inclusion Statement as outlined by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, UK. This ensures that clients are protected by high standards of professional conduct. Regular accredited professional development linked to the EMCC UK  competency framework and a commitment to regular reflection through peer networks or formal supervision ensures the highest of professional

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their growth.
Sir John Whitmore

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