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I needed clarity of thought and support to create action steps that could be accomplished and feel empowered to make choices and decisions. I feel that Neil's skill as a coach drew out answers and learning around the area I had been struggling with. Neil is an excellent listener, was able to ask powerful questions that initiated a change in my thinking and widened my awareness. (Primary School Headteacher)


Neil has helped me to try to unpick the complicated process of managing change as I started my new role in January. He has asked questions to get me to think deeper about prioritising what I have the control to change now, and what needs to wait. Neil has reflected my thoughts back to me and has carefully selected questions to make me think. (Head of Special School)


Neil helped me identify and clarify key personal development objectives, as well as providing me with the tools to work towards those goals. I always ended our sessions feeling energised: clearer on my goals and full of hope of achieving them. (Church Leader)


It has made me think wider and deeper about the different elements that make a leader. (Aspirant Senior Leader in Multi-academy Trust)



Neil coaches with a respectful, gentle but challenging style. (Senior Health Care Professional)

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